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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Los Angeles May Day Picnic 2013

Los Angeles IWW General Defense Committee, Local 4, 1929
As a way to commemorate working class struggles across the world and support cultures of resistance here locally, the Ricardo Flores Magon IWW LA branch would like to invite everyone to a community picnic at MacArthur Park May 1st 2013 at 5:00 after the May Day march. Food will be served by our friends from Revolutionary Autonomous Communities (RAC) but we encourage everyone to bring a dish to share.

Please check back on our Facebook event page for updates and info as we get closer to May Day.

We hope that people bring their mindfulness of struggles here locally, across the world, and most importantly the ones we face in our day to day lives as a way to connect them historically to a tradition that dates back to 1884.

Early 1930's non-Stalinist Communists and Socialists organized a United Front to commemorate May Day
Keeping the struggle for a new world in our hearts
  • 1992 LA Uprising 
  • Walkouts against Prop 187
  • Democratic National Convention 2000
  • The fight for the South Central Farm
  • The 2006 May Day La Primera de Mayo General Strike
  • The 2007 May Day confrontation at McArthur Park 
  • The 2009 UCLA student occupations
  • Occupy/Decolonize LA
International Worker's Day Picnic 2013
May 1st at 5:00 pm MacArthur Park
Look for the black and red flags!
Food: Potluck style. Some refreshments will be served by RAC!

Free food * Live music * Political literature * Make your DIY literature table * Friends * Comrades * Non-alcoholic Drinks

"The Brief Origins of May Day" by Eric Chase - 1993.